Global Warming Deniers…just a fun bunch

The goons over at Red State have decided to take on the recent article over at the New York Times (and funny enough didn’t provide a link to the original article) which was talking about a recent study published in Science about the cause of climate change.

The author tries to convince us of his credibility to discuss this issue (“I’m an engineer with more than a smattering of book-learning in the geologic sciences.”…as if this is enough to really be able to talk with authority on the subject of climate change). He then proceeds to say how climate scientists never seem to discuss the long term history:

It has always struck me as appalling that the scientists who would reorder our very lives around their interpretation of climate science and its implications for our future have so little interest in earth history and the geologic time scale.

He might be appalled but he’s not telling the truth.  Of course they have interest; he just wants to ignore the proof but i suppose it’s easier to make your point if you ignore the other guy.

It’s bad enough that the author of the article is trying to discuss science on a political blog but then we have the comments to the story, which not surprisingly are full of the same type of jackass as the author.  Here is a great example:

Most people don’t argue that global warming doesn’t exist, especially when viewed on a reasonably long time scale. We’re still coming out of the little ice age, apparently. It’s the cause that’s in dispute. If you view the above graphs, especially over 400,000 years, it is obvious that warming and cooling are completely normal. Thus, proving that human activity is causing warming should be very difficult. I haven’t seen any evidence that comes close to convincing me.

If you view the graphs provided in the NYT article you’ll see that over the timeframe discussed in the study a steep shot upwards at the end of the study period and not matched anywhere else in the timeframe.  I have to assume the commenter either ignored that or is refusing to see it.  He also apparently ignored the fact that the study author noted that warming and cooling are completely normal.  In fact nobody has denied this.

At the end of the day there will be nothing to convince these folks.  You can’t lead an ass to water….

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