On blogging for readers

Back in May Matt Gemmell made some very interesting points about designing blogs for readers.  In the post he shows how his blog has changed over the years and then gives some things a person can do to make their blog more friendly for readers.   Most of these are good but on two of them I completely disagree.

In the section on what to remove he suggests comments.  He says you don’t need them and that you should let people respond on their own blogs.   “You can still read them en masse if you wish”.  Where?  Why should I force people to blog or tweet and then take ideas out of the context where they make sense?   I’d rather see the discussion inline with the post.  People can blog about their reaction on their own site too if they wish but I don’t think that should be forced on them.   It also makes it difficult for others to follow what everyone is saying.

He also suggests not having photos which is silly.   Not all of us want to just put words on our personal blogs.   In my case my blog is supposed to represent my varied interests.  One of those things is photography and I want to put photos here.

I’m all for making things readable but some of us have other uses for our blogs.

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