Flickr gets KitCam editing tools

It looks like the Yahoo! purchase of Ghostbird Software has paid off. The new version of the Flickr app was released today with new live effects and editing tools that have apparently been lifted directly from Ghostbird’s former app KitCam.

Like KitCam the new Flickr app has effects that can be applied to existing pictures or live on the camera. The look and names of the new effects are the same as what was in KitCam. They are:

  • IcedTea
  • Brooklyn
  • Louisiana
  • Throwback
  • Newsprint
  • Lomo
  • Denim
  • ColorVibe
  • Graphite
  • Super Fade
  • Dublin
  • Noir
  • Antique
  • Bleached

Here is a comparison between the KitCam screen for choosing films and the new Flickr effects choices:

Flickr Effects
Flickr Effects
KitCam Films
KitCam Films

All of the new editing tools are also the same as what existed in KitCam. Here are some examples:

Flickr Levels
Flickr Levels
KitCam Levels
KitCam Levels
Flickr Rotate
Flickr Rotate
KitCam Rotate
KitCam Rotate

KitCam was my favorite photo app for the iPhone. I was pretty upset when Ghostbird was purchased by Yahoo! But it’s nice to see most of KitCam make it in to the new Flickr app.

One other point of interest is notable here. The UI has been iOS 7-ified. I really like this new app. It looks good. It has superior effects and edit controls than the last version. What’s not to like?

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