Content as Medium? Matt Gemmell is sorta right

Yeah, I said sorta right. In this post about content as medium, Matt Gemmell seems to dismiss almost entirely the physicality of reading something on paper. He is right in one respect, and I think it’s pretty clear, that content is king for magazines and newspapers. After all you’re reading to be informed, not to flip pages. But, even as much as I enjoy reading stuff on my iPad and love the convenience of it, there is still something to be said about the physicality of reading something printed on paper. He might want to dismiss it but I still think people love that aspect of reading.

If we widen our scope a bit and look at how we buy reading material another aspect emerges in the whole reading experience. Is it fun to browse to find new things to read? Not really but boy do I love going to the bookstore or the library just to browse and see what is there. I can get lost in that for hours and I worry about that experience disappearing. Again content is king but there is a lot more to the whole story than just the content.

So yeah, sorta right.

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