US Government Shutdown – Episode 2

I’m really not understanding the people on the Republican side of government who’s takeaway from this last debacle was that they didn’t go far enough. I can’t fathom the mindset that punishes people who have no say in how things go. Guys like John Fleming from Louisiana want to have a round 2 of this. Guys like Fleming want to furlough government workers who then don’t add to the economy. Guys like Fleming want to hurt research and food safety. Guys. Like Fleming think it’s better to do damage to the economy instead of working through problems.

Because this didn’t have to happen. They could have actually worked in this before it came to a head but they’re more interested in their own agenda vs. running the country which they were elected to do. Don’t give me is crap that the American people are can’t stand the idea of Obamacare or how it’s costing jobs. I’m sure some people do believe that but the “American people” spoke up in the last election and re-elected Obama. The American people are speaking up in the polls about who was to blame. How in the hell do these guys get from their awful polling numbers to the conclusions they are coming to? It is outright insanity.

And what’s worse? Most of these clowns, and the people who vote for them, come from states that are the biggest drag financially on the country when it comes to federal help. They come from the places that could use the help the most. It’s all just mind boggling.

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