Donald Fagen on Modern Technology

In an interview published a couple of days ago in the Chicago Tribune there was a quote I thought was worth sharing:

He thought of something: “You know, my book, it’s not about a musician facing down his audience but an older musician feeling alienated from the world he’s forced into. I get into a car now, everyone is immediately looking at phones. What the (expletive)? I have tech rage. Daniel Day-Lewis, whom my wife (singer Libby Titus) knows, doesn’t have a cellphone. I resisted email a long time. It’s destructive to the human soul.”

I wouldn’t go so far as not having a cell phone. Nor would I go as far as saying that email is destructive to the human soul. I do agree though that people are glued to their devices a bit too much. I can’t describe the anger that wells up in me every time I see someone walking down the street with their face buried in their phone. It’s dangerous, and stupid, and there is nothing on that screen that is worth getting killed over. Not to mention it’s just rude.

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