America Unearthed – or How Do I Get That Hour Of My Life Back?

Maybe you’ve heard of the A&E Networks show called “America Unearthed” already. I hadn’t heard of it until I came across it in my cable guide listings the other day and was intrigued.

I’m a sucker for these types of shows. I realize it’s all entertainment. They never uncover what they set out to when the show starts and usually I’m OK with this. Again it is supposed to be about entertainment. Usually it’s done in an entertaining matter and the viewer learns something along the way. “America Unearthed” however had me wishing I had an hour of my life back.

Jason Colavito does an absolutely terrific job covering all of the episodes of this show in a very thorough manner on his website. In fact I commend him with being able to watch all of this garbage. I recorded two episodes on my DVR and after being so disgusted with the first one I deleted the second without watching it. For detailed reviews please see Jason’s site.

As I said I expect shows like this to be entertainment only. If someone really did find the Ark of the Covenant I would have heard about it without the help of the History Channel. The episode I watched was the first of season two. The host takes us on a journey, supposedly, to find the Ark of the Covenant which he believes may be located somewhere in America.

The issue I have with this episode is that he tries to make connections between things that simply can’t be connected based on what is presented in the show. There are no facts and all conjecture. Again I realize this is supposed to be entertainment but it’s not entertaining when the guy basically says “well, because this piece is in America it is quite possible the Ark of the Covenant is too” but provides not a lick of connection between the two pieces!

Unfortunately the whole show was like this. It was a complete waste of an hour of my life.

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