Book Review – “Wheelmen” by Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O’Connell

Yesterday I finished reading the book “Wheelmen” which was about Lance Armstrong and his doping during all the years he was racing bicycles. Interesting story but there were problems with the writing. One thing is for certain: Armstrong has real problems with honesty. How he could go on for so many years lying about what he had done was pretty stunning.

He rationalized it by noting that he hadn’t “ratted anybody out” and that everyone else was doing it. There is a grain of truth there. Is it really cheating if you have to use performance-enhancing drugs just to compete with everyone else? Where that whole idea falls over though is the extent to which he went about helping create an elaborate doping program for his cycling team. Worse was the systematic coverup of the program over the years and always insisting he was clean.


p>What is most disturbing to me is that after everything that has happened the guy has 3.2 million Twitter followers and people who still defend him to this day. He certainly did a lot for people fighting cancer but that doesn’t excuse his behavior in sports. How people can defend that just makes me shake my head.

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