A New Blogging Workflow for Editorial on the iPad

I created my first workflow for the iPad text editor Editorial. It’s a pretty niche thing, great if you’re using Markdown and want an editor that’s scriptable. I wanted a way to be able to post to WordPress from inside the app and although there are already workflows out there to post to WordPress I wanted to learn the workflow system. This was the perfect opportunity so I created it and shared it here. This post was created using Editorial and the workflow.

Here are a couple of things to note:
* The title of the post will be pulled from one of two places: the name of the file in Editorial or, if present, from a Multimarkdown “Title:” tag placed at the top of the document. If the tag is present you will be presented with a way to pick either one. It will also be stripped from what is posted to WordPress so it doesn’t show up in the final output.
* Unlike other workflows this workflow does not convert Markdown to HTML. All newer releases of WordPress from either wordpress.org or wordpress.com will take Markdown-formatted text now. The option only needs to be turned on in the WordPress preferences. See here for more details.
* Tags are separated using a comma just like they are in WordPress.

Happy posting!

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