Rest in Peace Rebecca

Tonight, bookended by a beautiful sunset and a rising almost-full Moon, I thought about a girl who’s life was bookended by the date 6/7. That’s the day that Rebecca Meyer was born, and tragically, the day she died from cancer having just turned six.

I met Eric Meyer at An Event Apart back in 2007. It was heady stuff, being surrounded by web design royalty but both Eric and Jeffrey Zeldman (co-founders of An Event Apart) were very down to Earth guys and I had a nice chat with both of them. After the conference ended I wrote about it on my old blog, Brain Freeze, and had some link-love from both Eric and Jeffrey. So it was with that acquaintance with Eric that I felt completely devastated today learning from my Twitter stream of the death of his little girl Rebecca.

Writing very powerfully Eric kept a journal, on his personal blog and Twitter, of his family’s experiences dealing with the cancer, and ultimately death. Reading the entries I thought often of my children and as always the exhortations that we shouldn’t take our children for granted filled the Internet of those who know Eric or who know his work.

Parents shouldn’t have to bury their children, especially those so young. So hug those close to you and hold them closer and keep the Meyer family in your thoughts.

Rest in peace Rebecca.

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