Paperless means a repeating reminder

Federico Viticci, in his review of the new version of Scanbot over at, says:

The idea of pairing a scanner app with a task manager is seemingly unnecessary, but, after trying it, I think it makes perfect sense. One of my (many) problems with diligence and paperless is remembering to act on documents after I’ve scanned them. I often need to send an invoice to my accountant or share a receipt with my girlfriend, and instead the document just sits there in my Evernote inbox for weeks.

I found this idea just a bit hilarious. Pairing a scanner app with a task manager isn’t the solution to this problem. The solution is the task manager. Diligence isn’t what is needed here nor is memory. The solution is creating a repeating task in your task manager.

This is a very easy problem to solve:

  1. Scan things to an inbox folder (I use a ScanSnap scanning to PDF with my inbox folder on Dropbox. Could just as easily be done using the ScanSnap with Evernote).
  2. Set up a weekly reminder to process your inbox(es). I actually do this as part of my (GTD) weekly review as part of getting clear.
  3. When reminder comes up process inbox.

Simple. Doesn’t require integration between app A and app B. It simply requires taking the 2 minutes to create the repeating reminder.

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