Apple Music Impressions

I wouldn’t be being honest if I didn’t say I wasn’t looking forward to Apple Music. Ever since the day the iTunes Music Store went live (first purchase: Third Eye Blind’s “Out of the Vein”. Kickass album by the way) I’ve been a constant customer and when audio streaming really became a viable option I kept my fingers crossed that one day Apple would be streaming the iTunes catalog. It took a long time but that day is here.

I have to say I’m pretty impressed. They’ve packed a lot into the new Music app and it works pretty well.

  1. The catalog is phenomenal but we already knew it would be.
  2. I’m very happy with the Beats Music features they brought over. The curated playlists on Beats were very, very good and they have a new home in Music.
  3. Beats 1 Radio intrigues me. Based on the couple of listens I’ve done so far it definitely isn’t mainstream radio. The aspect of it being a global audience is great. So cool that I’m listening to the same thing that someone halfway around the world is at the same moment.

I have some quibbles with the useability of the app, the main one being that I have no way to get from an entry in a playlist to the album it’s from. Spotify and Beats both had this ability so I’m not sure why it’s not there in Music but maybe that is something that will be addressed in a future update.

I guess the most intriguing thing to me is how Apple is going all in on this. It has been a huge project and their social media presence on this is anything but anemic. The main website is on Tumblr! How great is that? I never thought I’d see something like that happen with Apple.

So we’ll see how it all works out but at this point I’m expecting it’s goign to be very successful.

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