Oh the kids today

In 1980 I was 10 years old and in fifth grade. AC/DC released “Back in Black” the previous summer and it was one of two actual rock albums I owned (the other being Dream Police by Cheap Trick). I played those albums over and over again on a cheap kids turntable. I got so much enjoyment out of those albums, even if the music was coming from cheap black speakers that distorted if you dared turn the volume up, even just a hair past the halfway mark.

Today Apple released Apple Music in to the world and my kids, both around 10, will get access to it via their iDevices. The world has changed so much, even in the time that they’ve been alive, that they take music streaming for granted and I can’t do anything but laugh. To have had all the world’s music available to me in something that fits in my hand was unthinkable then, but to them it’s commonplace. I don’t want to sound like an old man but I guess I am. It just gives me a chuckle that to my daugher, getting her own Apple Music account was, in her words, a stupid surprise.

Oh those kids.

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