Hipstamatic Power Tip – Hiding Lenses and Films

I’ve loved Hipstamatic since day one. I faithfully buy every new lens/film release as they show up. Unfortunately I have a problem now: too many choices.

Even though I buy all the new add-ons I really, really don’t want to use most of them. I buy them to support the development of Hipstamatic but frankly there are a lot of less-than-useful lenses and films. There is a better way though – editing your camera bag1! Here is how you get there.

Step 1

Get to the front camera view and tap the camera icon directly under the lens.

Step 2

Now tap “Edit Camera Bag”

Step 3

Modify to your hearts content!

  1. I hate to say this but I didn’t know about the camera bag until today. This post was originally a cry for help to have a way to remove stuff from Hipstamatic. 

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