Time Machine troubles? Try this website

I did a clean install of the Mac OS X “El Capitan” beta on my machine this weekend forgetting two things:

  1. Permissions on my Time Machine backups
  2. Exporting my Hazel rules before I wiped my old OS install

Trying to solve #2 above had me run into #1. Even with a matching user name and password Time Machine won’t work because the UID of my user isn’t the same as the one on my Time Machine backups.

Trying to use the “Star Wars” interface to Time Machine results in error messages about not having the proper permissions. Viewing the backups folder in Finder shows each folder with a red circle with dash icon indicating I don’t have permissions either so that also wasn’t a way to go about solving my problem.

This website had the cure for my problems. More specifically entering this command:

sudo vsdbutil -d /Volumes/My Passport

This turns off ACL security checking on the volume you pass to it. Very handy!

Before I found that I ran this command on the backed up copy of my user Library folder:

sudo chmod -RN /Volumes/My Passport/Backups.backupdb/Jason’s MacBook Pro/2015-08-07-191128/Macintosh HD/Users/jkratz/Library

The removes the ACLs from the folder permanently and recursively. It also took a long time since there many files there. Had I run it on the root level backups folder it would have taken forever. The vsdbutil command was much handier.

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