Why are people taking pleasure in the new revelation about Josh Duggar?

I really don’t understand the perverse pleasure people are getting in the admission that Josh Duggar had an Ashley Madison account that became public as part of the Ashley Madison account hack.

Yes I understand his being a “God-fearing Christian” and the following admission that he had molested children as a teenage, including some of his own family members.

Yes I understand the irony of then finding out that the guy had an Ashley Madison account and was cheating on his wife.

What I don’t understand is the pleasure people are finding in this. The guy has kids. It’s bad enough that his family is going to be scarred by both of these events. But for people to take pleasure in the whole thing is disgusting.

I’m sure some would respond that they aren’t taking pleasure in it, they’re just responding to events that have happened to a guy who claims to be Christian (among other things). But the sheer volume of commentary on that Daily Kos page shows that people are taking pleasure in this whole thing. Just disgusting.

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