Here we go again…

Just recently wrote on Twitter that I was shutting down my personal blog…


I hadn’t planned on starting a blog again because like I said in that tweet it had become a drag. But giving it some thought later I knew why it was a drag. It wasn’t the writing. It wasn’t the lack of audience. It was the mechanics.

I had been maintaining my blog on a self-hosted server over at It was a fantastic learning experience but self-hosted means doing all the work yourself. What was a fun learning experience became a chore: keeping up with security patches, maintaining databases, keeping up with firewall rules, and on and on. I finally had it. It wasn’t fun anymore and I was done.

It was a bit more than that too. I wanted a website, not just a blog. I wanted to be able to showcase my photos, keep a blog, keep pages on various projects I’m working on. Most of all I wanted it to be easy to maintain and pretty. I know a lot is possible with (I had been keeping a blog there for a long time), and even more with self-hosted WordPress, but it’s not as easy as Squarespace.

It is ridiculous how easy it is to make nice web pages with Squarespace. It’s even more ridiculous how nice the set of provided templates look and how configurable they are using the tools that Squarespace provides. What is most ridiculous is the price. $8 a month and I don’t have to worry about any of the nonsense I had to before plus I get unlimited storage and bandwidth. I also don’t have to worry about scaling for growth in case something I write gets picked up by a major website and gets a lot of traffic.

I’ve been having a lot of fun setting up this website and exploring the tools that Squarespace provides. I’m getting too old for the nightmare that is self-hosted blogging. I know many out there disagree with me and that’s fine. I’m sticking with Squarespace, starting over with fresh content, and having this be fun again.

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