Enabling Query Builder and boolean searching in Microsoft Outlook

I hate to say this but it almost appears that Microsoft has abandoned Outlook. Oh sure there are updates every Office cycle but it would seem those are mostly look-and-feel changes.

How about easily being able to create mailing lists by dragging names to a list? Nope.

How about easy tagging? Nope. Sure we’ve got categories but those are cumbersome to use and require a special user interface to set up.

How about stuff like saving searches? Oops. Nope can’t do that either. You can do advanced boolean searches via the search box but you can’t save them.

Want to create a boolean search via the Search Folders feature? Sorry. That is another thing that isn’t doable. Well, not doable out of the box anyhow. In 2016 you can get this feature, but you’ve got to modify the registry. Really Microsoft?

Here is how to do it.

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