2Do – Restoring Archived Lists

I recently switched from OmniFocus to 2Do for my task management needs and found one thing a bit odd – archived lists still affect the naming choices of new lists. I had a list called “Home” that I had archived. All of the tasks in that list I had tagged with the tag “home” and when I went to save a search I was not able to name the new smart list “Home”, it kept being renamed “Home 1”.

If you are running into the same issue don’t despair, there is a way to “unarchive” those lists 🙂

  1. Go to the app settings and select Privacy.
  2. Tap Archived Lists.
  3. Slide the switch to any list you want to reappear in Lists on the main screen.

The 2Do developer has made some…um…interesting design choices but thankfully over time is correcting those (erroneous) choices. Hopefully at some point there will be true archiving of lists.

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