Thoughts on the season 6 finale of “The Walking Dead”

Just a couple of quick thoughts here because my opinion of the episode matches many others who have already written much better synopses of the show.

  1. Why was the episode 90 minutes long? To sell more commercials? They basically drove around in an RV for 80 of them.
  2. What the hell is with the total transformation of Carol from a badass to a sniveling wuss? After so much character development this is the best the writers could do?!?
  3. Why oh why did they end with a cliffhanger? Guys this episode pissed me off enough that I’m considering not even coming back for season 7. There are many other quality shows out there to watch now. Don’t lob softball reasons at me as to why I shouldn’t watch yours anymore.

Just a terrible end to the season even if the last 10 minutes was a bit brutal. Hell, even the second half of the season itself was getting to me. I get the violence but it is starting to get a bit gratuitous. I get all the gore in the zombie death scenes but they could do so much more with this show than just making it about groups killing each other.

The A.V. Club has a great write-up. Go check it out.

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