Tour de France Stage 4 – Sagan better get moving

Tour day 4 wasn’t all that exciting. Sprint finish with Viviani winning and Quickstep keeping the yellow. Peter Sagan up at the front but not close enough. Green jersey is great and all but the guy needs to get some stage wins and there won’t be many opportunities for him this year.

The most amusing part today was the early commentary on the live blog.

While posting quotes from a Carlton Kirby book:

13:27:56 CEST

Rigoberto Uran is about to eat a banana.

That’s not from the book. That’s actually about to happen.

Some real funny stuff, especially when the riders hit the feed zone:

14:55:29 CEST

No lunch for Schar due to Offredo getting in the way. No hard feelings, however, as the Frenchman offers the Wanty rider a Coke. Schar will have to grab food from the team car

14:59:50 CEST

The peloton come through the feedzone. Bernal is at the front but he’s on the far side of road while Kwiatkowski does the dangerous work, and picks up the Colombian’s lunch and effectively drops it off. It’s a bit like watching Uber Eats, but live.

15:01:48 CEST

Schar then drop back to the team car and is read the menu by the DS. Today’s specials: energy bars, gels, and a bidon.

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