My State of 2019 – Writing

One thing I never really understood about writing, it can take a lot of time. Maybe a “duh” realization but as someone who isn’t a writer by trade I had no idea how much effort it can take beyond the 280-characters of Twitter. That being said I want to write more, a lot more, in 2020.

In the past writing has been one of those “systems” I love to tinker with. Listen to enough Apple podcasts that involve people who write for a living and they feed that desire to tinker1. Because of that I now am the proud owner of a lot of writing tools. Scrivener. Ulysses. iA Writer. ByWord and many others. None of which have really stuck with me, though I do have a particular fondness for Ulysses for some reason.

I’ve also had a problem with what format I write in. Sounds silly I know but part of that same group of writers also swear by Markdown and I bought into that as well. It’s plain text and no matter what system you’re on in the future, it will always be readable they say. Possibly, but rich text has been around forever on the Mac (and other platforms) and is just as readable at this point. I don’t think that will be changing anytime soon. All that said I’ve found that I just turn to Markdown naturally at this point and use it just about everywhere I write text.

So where does all this leave me going into 2020? Well, again the 2020 theme of stability comes into play. That means selecting some tools and sticking with them for the next year and see how it works out. For long(er) form writing I’m going to stick with Ulysses for now. I really enjoy the environment, and now that it has full Dropbox support that makes the decision a bit easier. For short posts I’m just going to use WordPress directly, either via the website or the mobile app. I already do this now and it works for me.

Journaling. I have found it extremely helpful in the past and want to continue with the practice, just on a more formal basis. I already use Day One for that and have no plans on switching. It is a fantastic environment for keeping a journal. It’s the thing that has allowed me to look back and see some of these patterns I have and want to break.

Those are my writing goals for 2020. Tomorrow I’m going to write a bit about my web browsing experiments over the last year and where I am taking that going into 2020.

  1. Never mind that many of those people are also tinkerers and change writing tools often. One podcast you’ll hear how great some particular tool is, how it is the one. Then nothing. The months later they switched tools again 🙂 

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