My State of 2019 – Photography

I have to admit that I’m a bit of nut when it comes to photography-related apps on iOS. I own a lot of them. But this year I had already decided to pare things down a bit and focus on two of them: VSCO, which I pay an annual subscription for, and Hipstamatic which has been on my phone pretty much since day one and I own pretty much all of the various lenses, films, and flashes they’ve made available. VSCO has beautiful film emulations. Hipstamatic has wonderful black and white filters and a huge selection of looks that would be hard to duplicate anywhere else. So I’ll continue to focus on these two apps in 2020. What has changed is how I’m cataloging the photos I’m taking.

I used to be an Adobe Lightroom fanatic but at one point I got tired of paying the subscription fee for Adobe Creative Cloud and I switched to Apple Photos, which was already part of my workflow anyhow. In the meantime with the iOS 13 update the Photos editor has become much more substantial. They’ve added a lot of nice features. I also bought Affinity Photo which is available at a price pretty much anyone can afford. But in the back of my mind I really missed Lightroom. I still think it’s the best of the photo management applications and the photo editing produces wonderful results and is easy to use.

So this Black Friday, when Lenovo had a heavily-discounted year of the Adobe Photographer’s Plan available I decided it was time to just bite the bullet and go back to the software I prefer. I will be using Lightroom Classic the most, because I keep my photo storage mostly local now. Lightroom, the new multi-platform version, will be my mobile editing solution. They both sync via Adobe’s cloud storage and I have 20gb of space available there to keep the best, most important pictures available wherever I am.

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