My State of 2019 – Conclusion

One thing I didn’t write about in the introduction to this series was why the theme of stability is so important. This year I’m planning on doing a deep dive into writing music and playing piano. I’m going to give myself the time to do something I used to love doing and that ended up taking a back seat to everything else. As I approach 50 I need to start taking some time for myself. That means removing distractions so I can concentrate on the things that are important to me.

And there are so many distractions, some of which seem to be to be mentally and emotionally unhealthy at this point. I have a fondness for arguing stupid things in forums. It is a complete was of time and something I need to stop doing. I also have a fondness for arguing in the comments sections of the various websites I read. I’ve actually gotten a lot better about that this year so at least I’m on the right track in that respect. As the end of the year approaches I’m taking a retreat of sorts away from the Internet. I hope it will help set me up for a good start to the new year.

Sitting down and writing this it became apparent to me that even in my attempt to start to simplify things there are still a lot of areas of complexity in my life. In a modern life, where there are so many things happening and our time and attention is being pulled in so many directions, I’m not sure the level of simplicity I can get to. I do know I can do better though and thats what the upcoming year is all about.

I hope what I’ve written here is helpful to someone else. It was a good exercise for me to take a look at these areas of my life and I hope it might help someone else in theirs. I hope that everyone has a happy, and safe, holiday season and a joyous new year.

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