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December 23, 2020

Tips on using Jump Desktop for Mac

Just a quick posting to share a few tips when using the Jump Desktop application for remote access to computers.


  • To use privacy mode” to hide the screen VNC needs to be used. Does not work with Fluid.
  • Clicking the Fix Screen Sharing” button in the Jump Desktop Connect settings will unfix” a VNC connection that is properly set up to allow the lock screen to be used for privacy.
    • Clicking this button will leave Screen Sharing alone in the Sharing section of System Preferences but it will shut off Remote Management if it is turned on.

Fluid Mode

  • Can’t lock the screen
  • Display resolution matching (iPad app settings)
    • If Change Display Resolution setting is turned on Mac will be put in scaled display mode. Once the Jump session ends it might not switch out of the scaled display mode and usually the screen will look odd (Safari icon is the dead giveaway for this with the tick marks around the compass).

VNC Mode

  • In order to use the VNC server need to turn on:
    • VNC in Jump Desktop Connect settings
    • Screen Sharing in System Preferences->Sharing
  • In order to use Privacy Mode
    • Turn on Remote Management in System Preferences->Sharing
      • This will turn off/uncheck Screen Sharing which is fine because that is included in the Remote Management option.

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