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I gave up blogging. Well, I thought I gave up blogging. What I gave up on I suppose is blogging via WordPress. For me, the inertia to post there was just too much to overcome. WordPress is that needy, high-maintenance person you don’t want to be involved with. It’s a great content management system but I needed a simple place to post things I feel are worth writing about and WordPress just isn’t that place.

It turns out neither is a static blogging tool like Hugo. The inertia to even get a site up and running is even worse than what I was facing with WordPress, let alone writing posts. I love the idea of those tools. I don’t love the commitment in time to getting something useful running. So I thought it was time to hang it all up. Then I found

Level of difficulty to post to a blot website? Drop a text file into a Dropbox folder. Done. Post published. You could also set up a GitHub repository if that’s your thing but that’s not as easy as dropping a text file onto Dropbox. Like I said I want the pressure involved in posting to be as low as possible. This is about as easy as it gets. It’s Twitter-easy.

I had a few other requirements as well: being able to post code with syntax highlighting (check), being able to (eventually) make changes to the template (check), and lastly low cost ($4 a month, check). Oh, and to top it all off space is essentially unlimited. Yes as always it’s within reason but I just want to post photos and such and there really isn’t a limit if you don’t get stupid.

So we’ll see but so far I’m loving this thing and the simplicity. There is enough power there behind the scenes should I want to take advantage of it but if I just want to plunk down a text file to publish I’m covered.

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