January 18, 2021

Socializing in the COVID era

Came across a couple of quotes from this article that I found very interesting in regards to how we’re expected to socialize in the COVID era. The article is about college life but this extends all the same to adult life” where so many are working from home now and all interaction is done remotely. Zoom and its friends are fine for a lot but when it comes to doing social things with them I’m not a fan.

There’s also the lack of spontaneity — chatting over Zoom requires setting aside time, which is already in short supply for many students. Grabbing a quick coffee on the way to class or running into an acquaintance in the library is off the table. At school, I could see someone, and even if we talk for five minutes walking from one place to another, it fits better into your schedule,” Marszalek says. Now, if I want to talk to someone I have to text them, which is effort, and then schedule a time when we FaceTime.”


For one, when you’re spending a full day on Zoom, socializing on Zoom doesn’t always feel like a break — it feels like yet another thing you have to do on Zoom. Emma Marszalek, a junior at George Washington University who spent the semester at home in New Jersey, hasn’t attended the movie screenings, trivia nights, guest performances, and other virtual events that her school has put on. As cute as it is… I can’t bring myself to go onto another Zoom meeting,” she says.

We’ve tried to have virtual happy hours and such at work but it just doesn’t work. It feels forced and taking in part in something like that just feels plastic and fake. Looking forward to the day when we can gather in person again. It’s hard to believe we’re a year into this. Feels much, much longer.

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