March 12, 2021

HEY World isn’t about interoperability”

(cross posted from HEY World)

I was listening to the Core Intuition podcast and Daniel and Manton were discussing HEY World. As developers involved in the blogging space, Manton because of and Daniel as the developer behind the blogging tool MarsEdit, they were sharing their thoughts about it and interoperability with their own tools. Lots of discussion around things that don’t matter and aren’t the point.

The main point of HEY World is making the friction of writing online as low as possible. Yes other blogging systems have had blog-by-email for years. But none of them have been simply about getting words online. HEY World is and that’s the beauty of it. No choices of theme. Very limited choices for typography. No categories, tags, or anything else. No comments. No choices of posting tool. Just type in your thoughts and hit send. Done. It has nothing to do with cross-posting or choosing an editor. For some people that simply won’t be enough and HEY World isn’t for them.

I hope Basecamp doesn’t open it up any more than they have now and keep it limited to whatever features are there for regular emails. The beauty is in the simplicity of it all, making putting thoughts longer than a tweet online as friction-free as sending an email. For some of us too many choices kill our ability to put words online. HEY World is for us and I hope it stays that way.

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