Clubhouse has a problem

(wrote this awhile back and thought it worth posting. Clubhouse still has problems, not the least of which now is slowing user adoption and competing services coming in from the big boys like Twitter. I see the problems I mention below to get worse now that the Android app has been released)

Recently I was sent an invitation to Clubhouse to check out and for about a week straight I couldn’t get enough. There was a lot going on and it was pretty cool to be in rooms with people I knew from TV, or musicians I listen to, or whatever. But now I can’t get way fast enough because they’ve got some huge problems.

One would think that a system that is invitation-only would be able to maintain a pretty good ratio of signal to noise but that isn’t happening on Clubhouse. There are now millions of people on the service and the noise is really drowning out the good stuff. This is really hurting with discovery of stuff I’m interested in and has me running to the exit instead of making me want to listen longer.

There is way too much self-promotion. Way too many “gain thousands of followers” channels at any given moment. Hot topic of the minute, NFTs, are way over-represented in the chat list as is Bitcoin.

On the self-promotion front everyone is also trying to out do one another in their profiles with boosting what they’ve done, number of emojis, etc. I get it to a point but the point of social media isn’t just to hock your wares and that is what Clubhouse is becoming.

The right-wing bullshit stuff is working its way into the rooms as well. Recently there was a chat with Alex Berenson on COVID-19 and this guy is one of the worst. He touts himself as a “former New York Times writer” and he’s one of these types that is very good at making his arguments sound plausible by sprinkling in bits of studies, etc. The problem is he’s full of shit.

Lots of self-help stuff there too. Everyone’s a self-help expert these days and they’re well-represented on Clubhouse. The best one was this woman I was listening to on some chat I had dropped in on, who is a writer of some sort living in Chicago. Her profile was self-boosting to a crazy degree and when it was her turn to speak it was all garbage and to make it even better it was clear she was reading from some notes.

The funny thing about all of this is that people then heap praise on these folks. The lady just mentioned had tons of praise heaped on her including “I’d love to fall asleep to your voice”. I guess we all have our opinions but the way she was reading in a soft, breathy voice grated on my nerves.

There was a chat just recently too with Deepak Chopra and it was the same thing. Heaps of praise no matter what he said. He could have burped or talked in 3 work sentences and it would have been the same thing. It was a bit disgusting to be honest.

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