I’ve been trying to stay away from politics as much as possible as of late but I happened across this article and one quote stood out:

It’s no secret that Republicans really distrust the media. In fact, that distrust is increasingly an important part of their political identity.

The Gallup poll the article links to covers America’s trust/distrust of the “mass media”. Of course Republicans report that they really, really distrust the mass media.

Except of course the reality is they don’t distrust the media. Republicans are consuming mass media in mass quantities if Fox News and Tucker Carlson’s ratings are to be believed. They just don’t trust the media they don’t like. I understand this as I feel the same way. I don’t trust Fox News to report a single bit of truth in any given minute of the day but that doesn’t mean I don’t trust the media.

Poor reporting on the part of FiveThirtyEight. They know the real story behind the numbers.

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