Red Storm Rising – A Review

I first read this book when I was 18, about a year after it came out. At the time it was both scary and fascinating, richly detailed with the minutiae of war. Now 51 I just read it again to see how it has held up since then. The details of war are still there in all their glory even if some of those details weren’t quite right (like the F-19A Ghostrider, which I assume was really the F-117 Nighthawk, that plane not being public until 1988).

But wow some of the writing is just terrible. The parts of the story on Iceland revolving around “Miss Vigdis” should never have been in the book. Not only completely misplaced but very poorly written. I’m still not sure who Clancy was writing for when he put them in the novel.

If you like technical war novels this is probably your cup of tea (minus Miss Vigdis). If not it’s going to be a hell of a trudge.

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