Software version of the Roland Jupiter-4 released yesterday

Wow. Talk about a surprise. Yesterday Roland announced the release of a software version of the rare Jupiter-4 synthesizer from 1978 along with the new Analog Polysynth Collection.

It looks like ACB modeling isn't quite dead yet as the Jupiter-4 was modeled using ACB and much like other members of the ACB club the software version adds features not found on the original like velocity sensitivity, extended range on the oscillator, and additional effects.

Long given up as dead by members of the Gearspace music forums, the Roland System-8 hardware synthesizer gets a new plug-out in the Jupiter-4. Now if only the System-8 had more plug-out slots available...

Pretty pricey at one-time charge of $199. The pricing of the Jupiter-4 lifetime key is a bit odd to say the least at $50 more than the Jupiter-8 or Juno instruments which arguably are more iconic and sought after in the real world. It's hard to argue that the price is fair for what is essentially a single-VCO instrument. At these prices it's clear that Roland is really pushing people to the subscriptions for Roland Cloud.

Analog Polysynth Collection

Also announced was the Roland Analog Polysynth Collection of which the Jupiter-4 is a member. The collection also includes the software versions of the iconic Jupiter-8, Juno-60, JX-3P and Juno-106. Cost: $499.

The Analog Polysynth Collection isn't cheap but it definitely saves a lot of money for those not interested in a Roland Cloud subscription as the lifetime keys if purchased separately would cost $775.

Jason E. Kratz @jasonekratz