Arturia FX Collection 3

Arturia FX Collection 3

Forgot to mention the release of FX Collection 3 from Arturia.

Intro pricing of $299 through 7/7, or, if you already own FX Collection 1 or 2 log in and check your price. I ended up paying $69 since I already own FX Collection 2.

The collection includes four new plugins:

  • Dist TUBE-CULUTRE, a distortion plugin based on a modeled vacuum tube hardware unit.
  • Dist OPAMP-21, another distortion plugin, this time using op-amps, based on a modeled guitar pedal.
  • Efx FRAGMENTS - granular processing effects for stutters, stereo ambiance, effects, etc.
  • Tape MELLO-FI - a lo-fi tape effect based on the Mellotron.

The collection also includes updates for the older plugins in the collection including UI updates and faster loading times.

Jason E. Kratz @jasonekratz