Outdated advice in search

Michael Tsai:

Forums have always been somewhat hit-or-miss, hilariously bad advice mixed in with really insightful stuff that you wouldn’t get from an official source. From my perspective, what has been getting worse lately is that it’s harder to find solutions via general Web searches. I keep running into outdated advice and pages that are filler/SEO content that doesn’t answer the question, even incorrectly.

This is a real problem. Often I get answers that are 3+ years old when searching on things in Google. Google does have a timeframe option in which to restrict search results but the default, at least for many technical topics, is a non-starter. It would be nice if the results were restricted to the last year and have a section for older, but potentially relevant, results. If the relevance of results are still based on links to the result, etc. I would think this would be doable without killing search results too much. After all, the in-result ads aren’t years old…

Jason E. Kratz @jasonekratz