From The Daily Stoic book:

The Juilliard-trained actor Evan Handler, who not only survived acute myeloid leukemia but also severe depression, has talked about his decision to take antidepressants, which he did for a deliberately brief time. He took them because he wanted to know what true, normal happiness felt like. Once he did, he knew he would stop. He could go back to the struggle like everyone else. He had the ideal for a moment and that was enough.

I don’t like this passage. It implies that there is some sort of “normal” which is nonsense. Everyone has problems and not everyone is happy all the time. If they say they are they’re lying. We all struggle. An anti-depressant is a tool like anything else. Use it if you need it. People are already struggling. There is no need to make the struggle any harder than it needs to be.

Jason Kratz @jasonekratz