I’m a “Readwise Full” subscriber and have been using the beta of their new Reader application. I’m a bit confused over the two browser extensions they offer as they both allow you to create highlights on a page. Not sure if they’re doing the exact same thing and the original extension’s description in the Chrome store says:

Use the Readwise Chrome Extension to sync your Kindle highlights and then review them daily.

But there are no settings in the extension for Kindle syncing and that appears to just be handled via the website. Confused. Very confused.

Another question: is anyone using Ulysses with Blot? How are you dealing with YAML front-matter in the file? Ulysses seems to be terrible at this.

Excited to see that Roland has official support for macOS Ventura for the System-8 synthesizer and the MX-1 mixer. I can finally update my 5k iMac!

Jason Kratz @jasonekratz