My State of 2019 – Privacy/Security

There is a ton I could write about privacy and security on the Internet. We have all heard the stories of data breaches, hacks, etc. Let’s talk about some of the areas that I think are important. Tools There are definitely some very simple steps that most people can do to help immensely with theirContinue reading “My State of 2019 – Privacy/Security”

My State of 2019 – Web Browsing

The personal browser wars. How I ended up back on Firefox (like what the project stands for, the technology, etc)

Talk about how I’m a developer and how I pay too much attention to benchmarks.

Day to day there is no meaningful difference in speed between the major browsers. If I were going to go soley based on speed it would be Safari.

Adobe posts record 4th quarter. Proves subscription naysayers wrong

Lots of people like to bitch on the Internet about how the software business is moving to the subscription model. If you listen to them it’s the end for all of these companies because people just aren’t going to pay. In the meantime Adobe and their Creative Cloud subscription go and post a record fourthContinue reading “Adobe posts record 4th quarter. Proves subscription naysayers wrong”

My State of 2019 – Introduction

Post once a day for a week for each of the 7 categories.

Theme for 2019 has been: experimentation. Theme for 2020 should be: stability

Want to settle in on a set of tools for the year and really give it a go with using those.

I love to tweak systems and fool around with new stuff. Need to start getting very cost conscious not only about the monetary cost but the time cost (which can obviously lead to another monetary cost).