Hey “Anonymous” – tell us something we don’t know

Laughed this morning when I saw this headline for a Philip Rucker story on washingtonpost.com: Book by ‘Anonymous’ official describes Trump as cruel, inept and a danger to the nation Do we really need Anonymous to tell us this? It’s been pretty obvious since the day Trump took office.

On seeing Big Boy #4014

Everyone was gathered around the rail crossing waiting. People of all ages were parked in chairs or just standing around. The weather was still, the heat of the day being held back by the thin blanket of clouds. Everyone was anxiously waiting to see what would happen. The train was stopped further up the tracks,Continue reading “On seeing Big Boy #4014”

Tour de France Stage 8 – He gone!

Those immortal words of White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson appropriate for two situations today: Ciccone losing the yellow jersey and Teejay Van Garderen exiting the tour after his crash yesterday. Apparently Trek-Segafredo wasn’t up to the task of keeping the yellow today and pretty much left Ciccone hanging in the breeze on his own today.Continue reading “Tour de France Stage 8 – He gone!”