Taking the coming week off from social media. I know that when I can’t keep myself from replying to political nonsense on Twitter that it’s time for a break. Thankfully I have no problem with using the delete option in Twitter 😉 But yeah it’s break time.

It’s amazing to me that Twitter can be such a great news source yet at the same time be such a cesspool. The Epstein story as the conservatives foaming at the mouth about Twitter bias. Funny, because if there were a bias why are any of these tweets making it out?

‪As great as music streaming sevices are the most frustrating thing is when stuff just disappears from your playlists because its now unavailable for some reason. Certainly doesnt happen with purchased music.‬

Hell has truly frozen over, Roman Holliday is available on Spotify. One hit wonders for the song “Stand By” in the early 80s. Heavy play on MTV tho.