Run a Jenkins pipeline build using an ‘sh’ step on 64-bit Windows 10

Actually published this as a gist on my GitHub account. I had to get a bash script running on Windows in Jenkins and it was a multitude of steps. This is using the git command line that can be downloaded for Windows. Theoretically the Windows unix subsystem can be used, and it seems others haveContinue reading “Run a Jenkins pipeline build using an ‘sh’ step on 64-bit Windows 10”

Back to piano lessons

4 years ago I started taking piano lessons. It was a dream of mine to some day really be able to play the piano well. Real life sometimes changes plans however and because of the increasing costs of my kids’ activities I had to quit. 4 years later things have changed a bit and I’mContinue reading “Back to piano lessons”

Loading a native library in Java on Windows

I’ve been struggling a bit with Java on Windows when I have needed to load a native library required by the application I’m currently working on (believe it or not a Java desktop application. Yes they still exist! 🙂 There are several options: Load from an explicitly specified absolute path using the System.load call. MakeContinue reading “Loading a native library in Java on Windows”

Here we go again – hello OmniFocus

Knowing that I probably shouldn’t be doing this but doing it anyhow because the itch is there I setup an OmniFocus trial again. Just really curious to give it hard go for two weeks and see where that leads me. I really like Things but it can’t hurt to look elsewhere on occasion if onlyContinue reading “Here we go again – hello OmniFocus”

Disabling SIP to delete “trouble” files in MacOS Catalina

I decided to check out the Safari Technology Preview but when I found out that the 1Password extension (no, not even the beta one) wouldn’t work there was little point in continuing as I rely on that for any passwords. I uninstalled the Tech Preview via App Cleaner and Uninstaller and one folder couldn’t beContinue reading “Disabling SIP to delete “trouble” files in MacOS Catalina”

Disappointed with Google Drive and Dropbox in iOS

Disappointed with Google Drive and Dropbox in iOS Just found out that neither the Google Drive or the Dropbox iOS applications fully support the Files API on iOS and thus I can’t set up folders in Google Drive or Dropbox in iA Writer. I had planned on moving all of my writing to Google DriveContinue reading “Disappointed with Google Drive and Dropbox in iOS”

Ulysses 19 released, odd reviews ensue

So @ulyssesapp released a new version today with external folder support. Always amusing to me when people then try/suggest ways to use the software in a way it wasn’t really designed. For instance there is a suggestion to, instead of using Ulysses’ native CloudKit support to create a Ulysses folder in iCloud Drive and useContinue reading “Ulysses 19 released, odd reviews ensue”

Useful font conversion tool

I was trying today to convert a Mac .ttc (TrueType Collection) font file to use on Windows 10 and came across Transfonter. This allows you to upload a .ttc file and it splits it up into individual .ttf (TrueType Font) files. Oddly some of the .ttc files I transferred over were able to be installedContinue reading “Useful font conversion tool”

“Our collective privacy problem is not your fault”

Ran across this gem of an article the other day on Reddit. Privacy and technology is a big issue right now and this article does a wonderful job of, rightfully, placing the blame for current problems right back on the companies producing the software and devices we’re all using.