Ended up paying WordPress for the base blogger plan for a year (with 40% discount thankfully) to remove ads after seeing some of the trash they were putting on my blog. Plan on moving off the platform after seeing what ads they were running!

Tour de France Stage 8 – He gone!

Those immortal words of White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson appropriate for two situations today: Ciccone losing the yellow jersey and Teejay Van Garderen exiting the tour after his crash yesterday.

Apparently Trek-Segafredo wasn’t up to the task of keeping the yellow today and pretty much left Ciccone hanging in the breeze on his own today. The kid did a fine job of at least keeping it close but lots of racing left. Alaphilippe took the yellow back and put 23 seconds into the lead. Doubtful he’s going to keep it through Paris, especially with how crazy this Tour has been so far.

Teejay crashed hard yesterday and broke his hand so today he didn’t start. Always the underdog and still my favorite rider.

Do Not Use CloudMounter with Backblaze B2!

I use Backblaze B2 as one of my offsite backup destinations. I have my photo collection there as well as a bunch of other archival stuff. As part of my Setapp subscription I found CloudMounter as one of the apps included. In short CloudMounter will take your OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. accounts and make them look like drives in Windows Explorer/Mac Finder. This is useful for many reasons but I use similar software (ExpanDrive) for the same thing.

Unfortunately CloudMounter doesn’t take into account that B2 charges not only for storage but calls to their API. Those calls are split into billing tiers. So today I noticed (via Little Snitch) that CloudMounter was constantly sending and receiving from the B2 bucket I had set up. I have caps set up on the API calls and eventually I got an email today that my caps had been reached. Thanks CloudMounter! Needless to say that software is no longer on my Mac.

News story that @Starbucks will stop selling newspapers in their stores. Hidden in that story, they will also stop selling whole bean coffee. A coffee shop will stop selling coffee beans. What the hell.