Using a Scosche Rhythm+ with Walkmeter on iOS

As a bit of a follow-up on my previous article about using the Scosche Rhythm+ with iOS I wanted to do a quick write-up about using the Rhythm+ with my GPS/workout app of choice: Walkmeter by Abvio. Walkmeter directly supports a list of devices that unfortunately doesn’t include the Rhythm+. This wasn’t an issue forContinue reading “Using a Scosche Rhythm+ with Walkmeter on iOS”

Using a Scosche Rhythm+ with iOS

This post is about the older model of the Scosche armband HR monitor but this very well might apply to the newer Rhythm 24 monitor that took its place. Up until recently I’ve been using the Scosche as a replacement for my Apple Watch (Series 3) HR monitor during workouts. It has better accuracy andContinue reading “Using a Scosche Rhythm+ with iOS”