Mission to Paris (Night Soldiers, #12) – a review 📚

I’m posting some old reviews I put up on Goodreads years ago. I wanted to have them on my own blog. This was my first Alan Furst novel. I tried reading one before (Night Soldiers) and only was able to make it through a portion because it was, well, boring and not my thing. IContinue reading “Mission to Paris (Night Soldiers, #12) – a review 📚”

Silence is important

Came across this interesting (if old) article today on Pocket about silence. What I find amusing sometimes is when people do research into the obvious. It should be obvious to everyone that sometimes silence is necessary for healing, recovery, or just plain keeping our sanity. This article felt so timely though because this year I’mContinue reading “Silence is important”

Interesting take in The Atlantic (“Stop Trusting Viral Videos“) about the events involving the Black Hebrew Israelites, teenagers from the Catholic school in Kentucky, and Nathan Phillips in Washington DC this past weekend. It is interesting how video can influence what we think about a situation and almost makes the facts irrelevant as people jumpContinue reading