Apple and the next round of ad privacy

Apple and the next round of ad privacy Apple and the WebKit team have been doing some fantastic work in the ad tracking space as of late. Starting with Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari on Mac and iOS now they’re working on something called Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution. What makes this latest round moreContinue reading “Apple and the next round of ad privacy”

AMGEN Tour of California app is very good. Well thought-out to get to race info quickly and even better free, live video when NBCSN coverage goes over their allotted time every day and cuts to their paid app once the race is complete. Some of us do want to see the awards and standings.

The Daily Stoic – 05/17/2019

Today’s entry in The Daily Stoic is about how Stoicism is a journey, not an end. Very fitting. I want to aspire to be the perfect Stoic but that is impossible. Better to try and be better a bit every day. So inspired by what Epictetus said: If you don’t wish to be a hot-head,Continue reading “The Daily Stoic – 05/17/2019”